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The PureTech Alliance Story
PureTech was founded after exhaustive research indicating the critical need to bring Health, Wellness and Quality of Life products into the Custom Integrator channel. As the need for technical craftsmanship grows to deploy these products, it was clear that the CEDIA channel integrators were the preferred choice for architects, builders and end users.

A national sales alliance ensures proper training, deployment, uniform messaging and efficiencies in supply chain.
The PureTech Alliance is a national sales organization formed to deliver world class health and wellness products.
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The vision of the PureTech Alliance is to create the ultimate national sales organization, with all territories benefitting from a unified sales, support and training regimen that will maximize productivity and operational efficiency for each regional firm.
As a national sales solution for manufacturers of health and wellness technologies, the PureTech Alliance will be highly autonomous, capable of providing vendor partners with the sales performance they must have while minimizing the internal resources typically required to oversee each region.
Welcome to Google Nest.
Build your helpful home.
Google Nest products work together seamlessly, where your Nest Protect smoke alarm can talk to your Nest Learning Thermostat, your Nest Hub Max shows you what’s happening on your Nest Cams and Nest Hello doorbell, the Nest x Yale Lock can help you secure your home with ease, and Nest Wifi connects every device to keep it all running smoothly. Integrators have the opportunity to build smart homes for consumers with Google Nest products along with their favorite lighting brands, multi-room audio systems, smart TVs, home automation systems, and many more smart and connected devices on the Google Assistant platform.


The health of your home in the palm of your hand.
At Pure Wellness, we have been combating indoor air & water pollution for decades, with the dedication and innovation it deserves.  And now, with the fully integrated Pure365 system, homeowners like you have more power than ever to keep your indoor air pristine, and your tap water better than bottled. 

Peace of mind made simple.

The Pure365 APP for IOS & Android

It’s never been easier to protect your home from harmful airborne particles and waterborne contaminants. Pure365 is a revolutionary, integrated system of hardware and software that both filters and tracks your indoor air and water. Our purification systems are the most powerful in the world, capturing over 99% of potentially harmful ultra-fine particles, microorganisms and volatile organic compounds.

Our App Also...

Allows you to compare your indoor air quality to the air outside

Identifies issues that are negatively impacting one’s health and need to be addressed

Tells you when outdoor air is safe, so you can open windows to ventilate

Tracks air quality levels around the world so you can better plan for travel and outdoor activity

Educates you about pollutants and the harm they can cause to help you cultivate a healthy lifestyle


The PureTech team will sell and support Google Nest to the CI channel across all 50 US States

PureTech Alliance of 12 veteran independent reps will bring health and wellness suppliers and education to custom channel.

Humans are hardwired to relish nature and thrive in a 24-hour circadian cycle. Smart-home pros can fake-believe nature through smart

View the latest articles, curated by Pure 365, on topics relevant to how the indoor environment in which you may

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PureTech Alliance Partner Map

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1. Oliver Marketing

Bob Oliver


Robert Dalson


2. Morris Tait

Bill Grover


Susan Grover


3. Momentum Group

David Thomas


Brad Whitehead


4. Rio Grande Reps

David Thomas


Brad Whitehead


5. Synapse Sales

Dan Thompson


Rik Patrick


6. Frontline Sales

Kevin Klotzbach


Nick Hussein


7. Orion Advanced Marketing

Steve Block


Blake Carder


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8. Atlantic Integrated

David Humphries


Mike Pawlowski


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9. Strateres

Peter Dyroff


Barry Wolff


10. NuTech Group

Brett Neiderman


11. High Tech Network

Jeff Caton


Chris Cowdrey


12. LK & Associates

Seth Kaplan