Focusing on energy efficiency and using an integrated dashboard interface can simplify the monitoring and maintenance of your Healthy Home. By intelligently measuring and controlling air, water, leak detection, automatic water shut-off, and lighting quality, while also removing harmful contaminants, we offer homeowners the necessary tools to see and monitor their entire system.

A healthy home starts with connectivity and a robust home network is the backbone of modern living, connecting us to the digital world in countless ways. From streaming movies and music to controlling smart devices and working remotely, a reliable network ensures seamless connectivity and enhances our quality of life. A strong network is also crucial for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. With the increasing prevalence of smart home devices designed to monitor and improve indoor air quality (IAQ), a high-performance network becomes indispensable in facilitating their operation.

Enter the high-performance thermostat, a key player in optimizing IAQ and energy efficiency within the home. These advanced devices go beyond simple temperature control, offering features such as air quality monitoring, humidity regulation, and integration with HVAC systems. By harnessing the power of data and connectivity, high-performance thermostats provide real-time insights into indoor environmental conditions, allowing homeowners to make informed decisions to improve IAQ. Whether adjusting ventilation settings or receiving alerts for potential air quality issues, these smart thermostats empower users to create healthier and more comfortable living spaces while reducing energy consumption and utility costs.

Your home should be equipped with a comprehensive solution to manage your home’s water. This will integrate all your water treatment devices, including water softeners, filters, pumps, flow meters, valves, leak detectors, and more. This system has the capability to automatically shut off your home’s water supply in the event of a detected leak, effectively preventing potential water damage and protecting your home from costly repairs. Additionally, this proactive approach helps avoid unexpectedly high water bills. With instant alerts, these systems keep you informed the moment a leak is detected, ensuring that your home is safe and secure. This level of protection offers invaluable peace of mind. These systems work on their own Local Area Network, meaning that if you’re caught in an emergency and the power goes out in your home, you’ll still be protected, even if you don’t have access to the internet.


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Overture™, the first fully-automated fresh air system, uses sophisticated sensor technology to monitor your home’s indoor air quality.